We organize the conference as a hybrid event, i. e., speakers, audience, and chairs can be present either online or in person. We expect that these forms of participation will be mixed during each presentation and section. The website https://gls2021.ff.cuni.cz/programme/ will serve as an entrance for online participants. The site is password protected during the conference. All registered participants will receive the password in advance. For security reasons, we ask the participants not to shareware the password.
Please use your real name when entering the MST rooms – this will help the chairs to moderate the discussion and will help us to protect the conference from zoom-bombing.

The program will be organized into five lecture rooms. Each room and day will have its link to MS Teams room for online participants. I. e. if you want to follow the program in room 300 on the first day of the conference, you will click on the particular link. For the second day in the room 300 there is a new link in the online program. We ask all participants who will present their papers in a particular section to connect at least five minutes before their section will start. It will help the chairing person to organize the section better. We ask the in-person participants to bring their presentations on a flash disk and copy them on the PC in the given lecture room before their section starts. Online speakers can play their pre-recorded presentations or present their papers live.

Lecture rooms will be equipped with a PC (and web camera) for the presenters and a notebook for the chair or the assistant. For technical reasons, we ask all in person participants not to connect to the MST room via their own device and if they do so, to make sure they turn off both their microphone as well as the loudspeaker.

All our assistants are instructed to be present in the meeting 10 minutes before the start of the session, so that they check the technical equipment, upload all presentations that will be delivered from Prague, check together with the chair if all on-line presenters are present + make the arrangements for the discussion.

The discussion should follow this structure (please note there is a slight change in the organisation of the discussion, due to technical reasons): All lecture rooms are be equipped with a PC (and web camera) for the presenters and a notebook for the chair and/or the assistant. The in-person participants will present their questions during the discussion using the PC (and web camera) in the room, or a shared microphone.  

The first question will be reserved for the on-line participants, the next for the in-person participants (so that they have time to come to the shared PC in the room). If there is time enough, the on-line and in-person audiences will take turn in posing their further questions. In each classroom, our assistants will help the chair to mediate the communication between online and in-person participants during discussions (in case the chair will be present only online).

Please try to be strict with the time of the presentations (20 minutes) and the discussions (10 minutes) - we keep the timing in the responsibility of the presenters and the chairs.