Evening program September 8 (Wednesday)

17:30 - 19:00 Welcomedrink

Will be served at the venue of the conference: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, main corridor at the 3 rd floor.

19:30 – 21:00 Dinner

(for those who will wish to have a dinner together, please note that all food and drinks will be covered by the participants individually)

Evening program September 9 (Thursday)

18:00 - 20:00 Cinema - Romani Music in the Course of Time

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, room 300

Screening of the film Romani Music in the Course of Time (Romská hudba v proudu času) by Zbyněk Andrš and Milan Durňak (2020).
The film complements the presentation by Zbyněk Andrš as part of the conference block on the music of the Roma. The screening will be followed by a debate.

The ethnographic film “Romani Music in the Course of Time” features the music and the dances of the so-called Slovak Roma who are the largest Romani subethnic group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The film, which took several years to make, illustrates the present-day situation of Romani songs, music and dances in both countries mentioned. The film provides close-ups of musicians, both popular as well as completely unknown, through recordings and interviews. In accordance with the concept of reflexive and visual anthropology, the approach of the authors takes into account the viewer’s subjectivity and highlights the interactions between the people behind the camera and those in front of it. The film allows the viewers to enjoy Romani music as experienced by the singers, musicians and dancers in their original background, and tries to capture the musical production and its meaning from their perspective. Abandoning the documentary narrative, the film aims to create a cultural and audio-visual dialog of all concerned.

The film is subtited in English.